A Luxurious Picnic Experience Crafted
and Perfected

From our clients vision to selling out packages in just 21 days

She's an entrepreneur with a distinct vision to redefine picnicking. We were faced with a ticking clock with Valentine's Day just three weeks away. She had a vision but lacked a tangible plan. That’s when Aya Analytics entered the scene, turning aspirations into a luxurious reality.

The Metrics

Tangible Triumph in Numbers
100% Booked: Valentine's Day packages sold out.
1,500 Instagram Followers: A robust community built rapidly around the brand.
Operational Expansion: Generated enough revenue to bring in part-time staff, enhancing operational capabilities.

Your Next Step

Picnics Perfected transformed from a concept to a local sensation in a mere 21 days with Aya's strategic intervention. If your startup is grappling with similar challenges, isn’t it time you considered a transformation?